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Archive for April, 2012

Meditation and Communication Training Improves MD Care

A new study reports that training physicians in mindfulness meditation and communication skills can improve the quality of care.  Read more

Meditation 101

“What is meditation?” This is a question I ask many people when I do meditation workshops.  Almost everyone gives the standard transcendental meditation definition as an answer: It’s when you clear your mind, think of nothing, empty yourself of everything. But is that it? Is that really what is meant by meditation?  Read more

Why try meditation?

We have a society of people who are living their lives in perpetual stress until their next vacation or weekend event.  I’m sure that you’ve asked yourself more than once: ‘When is this all going to stop?’  Read more

I spent 10 days meditating in search of enlightenment

For 10 days this past fall, I subjected myself to a meditation retreat. Along with about 70 other souls, I was confined to a basic compound in the woods along the shore of Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island. We were left without the freedom to speak, read, write or exercise, among other things. There were no cellphones, no e-mail and basically no communication allowed.  Read more

Meditation alters your grey matter, studies show

Brain-changing results… A 2010 study found that non-meditators who had eight weeks of MBSR training were more likely than a control group to access the brain region that provides a bodily sense of the “here and now” as opposed to the region associated with worry.  Read more

Tips for Type As who can’t meditate

Neuroscientists have discovered that after just eight weeks, non-meditators who start a mindfulness practice show decreased brain activity in the amygdala – the brain region that controls anxiety – and increased grey matter in regions involved in perspective-taking and regulating emotions.  Read more

Five Meditation Timer Apps

…, recently published its picks for meditation timer apps, and we wanted to pass the list. The prices range from free to $1.99, and each offers different features.  Read more

Santigold Cured Writer’s Block With Meditation

Santi said that TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek informed her that meditation might help her overcome her block and gain confidence. She told The Scotsman: “All of a sudden I was the most confident person in the world.”  Read more

Mindfulness: the altered state of America

Mindfulness meditation was once a tool of the counter-culture. But now it’s transforming the minds of conservative America.  Read more

Putting Meditation Back on the Mat

Just as I was about to lose the focus on my breath, a soothing voice nearby chimed in: “You can hear the noises without getting attached to them. The attention comes from the inside.”  Read more